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Joint Tech. Industry Co., LTD. first applied the Graphite material into walking cane use as a brand new product to the world. As to the innovative outstanding technology of product, we applied this new tech. product to our customers and became a leading ODM Composite Graphite Cane Manufacturer.

Our History

-    2002, attribute this remarkable technology on Nordic walking, Hiking Cane & Walking Stick.
-    2005, related medical supplies, Alum. Walking canes, Bath care products,and
            Walkers came out
-    2008, personal care products, Crutch cane.
-    2009, new rollator development with customers.
-    2010, we develop new design of Carbon crutch cane & Alum umbrella cane
-    2014, assisted Europe customer to develop child carry suitcase.
-    Up to now, we still working with our customer to develop new products to make our life more convenient and better.